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Rapeseed Oil

Price : USD 320.00 / 330 Metric Ton

We are Direct Distributors Of Rapeseed Oil Specifications Pure obtained from fresh naturally grown canola seeds Canola Oil Canola oil is very healthy. It is high in energy and its high ratio of more mono-unsaturated fatty acids to saturated fatty acids makes it one of the healthiest oils for human consumption, and the third most widely consumed vegetable oil in the world. Lab tests show that Canola oil has more omega-3 fatty acids than most other oils on the market including olive oil. It is very low in saturated fats but rich in vitamins such as vitamins E and K. Our Refined Canola Oil is obtained from fresh naturally grown canola seeds which are slightly heated and then crushed to produce the oil. After obtaining the crude oil, it is the refined using water precipitation and organic acid, "bleaching" with clay, and deodorizing using steam distillation. No chemical solvents, defoamers, additives, butylated anti-oxidants or synthetic agents added or used in the processing of this oil. In addition to cooking (and in mayonnaise, salad dressings, sauces, salad oils, canned foods, bakery products), canola oil is also used in many non-food applications such as industrial lubricants, biofuels, candles, lipsticks, and newspaper inks. Physical Characteristics As Shipped Physical State Liquid Appearance Clear and Brilliant Flavor Bland Odor Bland Chemical Characteristics Free Fatty Acid 0.1 � 0.15% max Peroxide Value 1.0 � 2.0 meq/kg max Color (Lovibond) 12.0 � 15.0 Yellow / 1.5 � 2.0 Red Iodine Value (Wijs) 100 - 122 Moisture 0.05 %max AOM 20 hrs min Cold Test 5.5 - 12 hrs min Refractive Index 40oC 1.460 � 1.467 Specific Gravity 25oC 0.914 � 0.920 Saponification Value 182 � 193 Smoke Point 460 � 530oF Flash Point 610 � 640oF Fire Point 670 � 690oF


Type canola oil
Model Number 320156
Brand Name refined canola oil
Condition Good
Place of Origin Turkey
Usage cooking
Production Capacity 50000 metric tons er month

Additional Information

Product Code 25478/87
Min. Order Quantity 20 Metric Ton
Port Mersin, Turkey
Payment Terms L/C, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Delivery Time within 15-20 days after receiving your advance payment
Packaging Details Per buyer's demand.

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